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Advanced Extrusion
As the oldest and largest high-density polyethylene (HDPE) corrugated manufacturer in the United States, we have decades of industry knowledge and experience in laminated corrugated plastic. Our unique manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide innovative plastic solutions to an array of customers, distributors and partners in various industries throughout the world. 

Unique Triple-Wall Laminate Design

Unlike other plastic manufacturers, Liberty Plastics is different in that we extrude our corrugated plastic with a wave-like core design. It's this unique flute design within our triple-wall laminate that gives us the capability to produce single and double-face laminated corrugated plastic.

Single and Double Face Layers
Single Layer Double Layer

Similar in design to corrugated paper, our double-face laminated corrugated plastic is extruded with two outer layers (or two outside liners) fused to a fluted center with a wave-like shape. Our single-face laminated plastic is extruded with a single outer layer (or one outside liner). It is the wave-like core that makes Liberty Plastics corrugated plastic stand apart from PP or PE profile board. While profile board has an I-beam center design that is rigid and unbendable, Liberty Plastics corrugated plastic provides flexibility and can bend and contour around shapes due to the wake-like center design.   

Widest and Longest Extrusion Capabilities
Liberty Plastics is the only corrugated plastic manufacturer in the United States with the capability to extrude widths up to 96 inches wide and lengths up to 900 feet long. This capability results in endless benefits and opportunities to use plastic in a multitude of industries and applications. 

Rolls & Sheets
HDPE rolls and sheets can be extruded to meet your specific requirements in length, width, board weight and color.  

Lightweight and Strong
Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to dial-in and customize the individual weight of our corrugated plastic board, sheets and rolls. Unlike profile board where strength is increased through board thickness, we are able to increase board strength by increasing the board weight and not the thickness. All Liberty Plastics corrugated plastic is manufactured with a nominal 4mm thickness allowing lightweight substrate.

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