Case Study

Liberty Plastics Packaging Solution Protects Lumber During Transport

Project Overview

To keep lumber safe during transportation and storage, it’s essential to have a durable solution that can withstand various weather conditions. Liberty Plastics, Inc. created a packaging solution to protect lumber for a building materials distributor who needed to prevent damage and revenue loss while storing their wood products outdoors. 



Liberty Plastics needed to find a durable solution that could with-stand the transportation process and protect the lumber from moisture and frost damage upon arrival. Packaging needed to:  

  • Ship flat, easy-to-store and assemble 
  • Withstand cracking and splitting
  • Sustain long-term outdoor conditions, rain, UV, wind, and cold
  • Provide flexible and lightweight protection
  • Reduce slippage from frost accumulation




Liberty Plastics designed a proprietary solution that protected the wood from outdoor elements as well as the rough conditions of travel. Our team scored and notched corrugated plastic sheets—creating a protective layer to place over the wood, which folded along the sides and banded.  Why our solution works: 

  • HDPE corrugated material will not crack or split from banding or cold environments
  • Lightweight, flat sheets are easy to handle
  • Die-cut and scored makes for easy folding
  • Anti-static treatment reduces slippage
  • Can be stored outdoors for long periods


Services Provided

  • HDPE corrugated plastic sheets
  • Die-cut & scoring
  • In-house design
  • Anti-static additive
  • 100% recyclable - No glues or staples
  • 100% reusable packaging

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