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Protect, Move and Store Produce and Enhance Farming Operations

Agriculture Plastic Solutions for Sustainable Farming

Wave-Core™ adds value throughout the agricultural supply chain, from farmers and distributors to grocery stores and other retailers. Our custom solutions can better protect, move, and store produce while improving farming operations to help agricultural organizations achieve their goals.

Custom Farming Solutions With Wave-Core™ Corrugated Plastic

Wave-Core™ corrugated plastic is ideal for agricultural packaging and product movement applications because it is lightweight and durable. The product can be made into custom bins, boxes, or totes for moving products on the farm or into durable packaging that will hold up for long-distance transportation, including refrigerated vehicles.

Wave-Core™ is reusable and easy to clean, making it ideal for agricultural products. We often ship the product flat to our customers, who assemble them for one-time use or reuse the products repeatedly. Wave-Core™ can also be used for slip sheeting to separate products and covers for added protection on more extensive packaging. Made from HDPE, Wave-Core™ won't retain moisture like corrugated paper. We can also print logos or other graphics onto Wave-Core™, add FDA-compliant resins or adjust the product's color to improve temperature control and UV resistance. Whatever your application, we can help engineer a custom solution to take your agricultural operation to the next level.

Permanent Or Semi-Permanent Agricultural Solutions

In addition to moving agricultural products, Wave-Core™ corrugated plastic is ideal for several permanent or semi-permanent agricultural solutions. Liberty Plastics can help growers create custom rodent guards or protective wraps for the base of trees and other plants. Tree wraps can be produced with white coloring on the outside and black on the inside to increase the heat inside to spur faster growth. Wave-Core™ can also improve moisture management and be placed into the ground to help with weed control.

Wave-Core™ can create structures like greenhouses because the translucent material is more durable than plastic sheeting, easier to clean, and gives greater control over growing conditions.

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Durable plastic totes and bins for harvesting, recycling

Sustainable farming is all about finding ways to reduce waste and reuse materials. Whether you’re looking to create a custom compost bin or need a tote for moving products more efficiently, Wave-Core™ is ideal for creating durable plastic totes and bins for harvesting, recycling, and trash containers. The HDPE material is resistant to moisture to prevent mold or other organic growth inside recycling or trash bins. The material is also durable enough to last multiple growing seasons, helping to cut down on waste and providing a sustainable solution. Custom totes can be stackable, nestable, or custom sized to fit your needs.
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