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Durable Plastic Solutions for Building & Construction

Building and Construction Plastic Solutions

Achieve unrivaled protection against mold and moisture damage, where it can take root beneath siding, attic spaces, and roofing decks. Since 1985, Liberty Plastics has been a trusted maker of weatherproof solutions for roofs, attics, and walls fabricated from Wave-Core™ corrugated plastic.

Corrugated Plastic Component Parts Made From Fire Retardant HDPE

Builders rely on us for durable component parts to protect roofs, walls, and attics. We design and produce building products from Wave-Core™ formulated to your specifications, including fire retardant HDPE resin that meets UL 94 V-2 standards.

Wave-Core™ is tough enough to withstand the impact of everything from hailstorms to nail guns while resisting ice, heat , and moisture. It is made from ultra-durable HDPE plastic and has a fluted core that reinforces its lightweight strength.

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Keep The Job Site Clean With Plastic Totes And Bins

Explore our entire lineup of totes and bins constructed from Wave-Core™ to keep work sites clean and organized. Our totes and bins are as lightweight as corrugated cardboard yet strong enough to withstand many cycles before being recycled. They also resist water and most chemicals, are strong enough for stacking, and are easily cleaned and collapsible for easy storage.

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Attic, Roof, and Wall Protection

Quarrix Building Products is a Liberty Diversified International (LDI) company. In 1985, we developed patented roofing solutions made with Wave-Core™ as a critical component in several Quarrix products designed to enhance airflow and prevent moisture damage in critical areas of buildings, including roof decks, walls, and attics. These products include:
  • Furring strips
  • Roof battens
  • Attic and insulation chutes
  • Rain screen products
  • Plastic ridge vents
Design once, and use hundreds of times to achieve total value from your custom Wave-Core™ solution. learn more about quarrix

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