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Rolled Protection for Transporting High Value Materials

Best-Fit Protection for Cable, Wire, Pipe and Coils

Protect valuable cable, wire, and coil spools during transport with customizable reel covers. Made from impact-resistant HDPE corrugated plastic rolls, our unique packaging solution ensures your high-value materials arrive without damage.

Rolled Corrugated Plastic Protection With Wave-Core™

Wave-Core is designed to flex and roll, overcoming the challenges of other packaging materials for reels, spools, coils, piping, and products distributed or shipped in rolled form. It’s lighter than wood but offers unmatched durability compared to foam, shrink wrap, and corrugated cardboard. Wave-Core can flex around almost any circumference, offering total protection for your shipment.

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Wave-Core™ Prevents Damage During International Transportation.


An aerospace company was preparing to ship spools of specialty film overseas. The exposed outer layers of the industrial spools would need a lightweight, durable shield against the hazards of warehousing and transport, to arrive undamaged and prevent project delays.


Liberty Plastics designed a flexible wrap made from Wave-Core corrugated plastic, providing seamless coverage for the rolls of high-value film. We further customized the covers with the brand’s color, logo and a set of printed instructions for ease of use and return shipping, so they could be reused for future shipments. The outcome: a reduction in lost inventory costs, improved operational efficiencies and higher customer satisfaction.

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Flexibility, Durability, To Your Specifications

Customize your protective cover to meet your exact needs. We can achieve the flexibility, strength, and durability your bulk shipment demands. Wave-Core's extrusion process makes it possible: It allows us to formulate the resin density of each layer to meet your protection and application needs. Discover the versatility of Wave-Core and submit your request today for a free sample pack.

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