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Durable Signage, Custom Printing Solutions, Protection for Equipment and Printed Materials

Wave-Core™ for the printing industry

Wave-Core™ can not only improve printing operations and printed products but can also be customized with printed graphics to create more durable signage or enhance how customers experience your products and brand.

Custom Corrugated Plastic Solutions For Screen Printing

Whether using it to protect rollers or other equipment involved in printing processes or using the material to create custom-printed products, Wave-Core™ can add value to your printing operation. The material is lightweight and can be digital or screen printed in various colors, including multiple colors on the same part. Printers can add industrial markings, user instructions, and branding elements to strengthen brand identity.

Because Wave-Core™ is made entirely of HDPE, it’s much more durable than corrugated paper or polypropylene-based products and is better suited for cold environments. It is ideal for outdoor applications such as political signs, restaurant signage, gas station advertising, etc. For applications that require durability, versatility, and full-color printing, Wave-Core™ provides a valuable custom printing solution.


Wave-Core™ Liners Create Huge Savings For Print Press Rollers


A leading label and packaging company was having issues protecting their equipment from costly damage. The surfaces of the company’s rollers and rotary tools are extremely delicate, and any physical damage would impact print quality, decrease productivity and increase costs for rework and reruns.


The team used our lightweight and flexible Wave-Core™ Single-Face corrugated plastic as a liner within each individual roller storage tube to protect the rollers and eliminate damage as they’re taken in and out for use in the presses. The durable, protective liner can easily be cleaned and replaced as needed. This extended the usable life of the rollers and rotary tooling, and saved the client thousands of dollars in early replacement costs.

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Wave-Core™ Sheets

Liberty Plastics can supply Wave-Core™ in large-format, small, or custom die-cut sheets to support nearly any printed application requirements. We maintain a range of standard colors, sizes, and board weights to shorten lead times for printing industry customers. We can also customize the product to fit your products and operations better. Our in-house printing capabilities can match any Pantone (PMS) color in printed graphics or in the product itself to perfectly align with your branding needs. We can also provide specialty printing solutions and added weather protection to customize the product to fit your needs. Contact us to discuss your project requirements and how we can use Wave-Core™ to enhance your products and printing operations.






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