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Custom Corrugated Plastic Protection For Products In Transit

Durable Shipping Protection Solutions with Wave-Core™

When you’re shipping heavy equipment and raw materials, it’s a significant investment with customer satisfaction at stake. Liberty Plastics designs durable, reusable solutions from HDPE corrugated plastic that protects bulky shipments, machinery, or raw materials. We create anything from custom-cut boxes and bins to rollable, die-cut, or fabricated sheets that flex, offering unrivaled protection.

Protect High-Value Materials, Equipment And Machinery During Transit

Without proper protection, the risk of damage during transit is high. Improper handling, collisions, drops, and exposure to bad weather are typical. Liberty Plastics can help you design more secure protection for valuable shipments. Wave-Core™, made from corrugated HDPE, has the impact resistance to take a beating while cushioning the blows from drops and impacts. Unlike other packaging solutions, it protects against tearing, punctures, breaks, and scratches. With a moisture resistance superior to cardboard, Wave-Core can protect high-value bulk materials, including metal coils and piping. Our custom-fabricated coverings protect heavy equipment with exposed vents, fins, edges, or openings against high wind, rain, fog, and snow, making it a top option for open flat-bed trailers or wherever extra protection is needed.

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Wave-Core™ Prevents Revenue Loss And Damage To Lumber During Transport


A building materials distributor that stores lumber outdoors and ships on flat-bed trailers came to Liberty Plastics to prevent continued revenue loss due to damage to loads of lumber as a result of exposure to UV, frost, wind, rain, hail, snow and high humidity during transport.


To guard against weather-induced losses during shipping, Liberty Plastics designed a weather resistant remedy to keep the cargo protected. Our proprietary solution crafted from Wave-Core™ corrugated plastic ensured damage free loads of lumber in point-to-point shipping.

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Liberty Plastics Solves Your Point-To-Point Distrubution Challenges

Let us handle your toughest point-to-point distribution challenges. We help protect freight-shipped products and raw materials as they travel to their destinations. Give your valuable shipments a reliable barrier during cross-docking and every step of the journey.

Increase the number of shipments that arrive clean, dry, and free of damage with solutions like:

  • Bins and boxes that can be flattened or nested for the return shipment
  • Custom sheets that flex the circumference of the bundle or spool and roll to protect bulk material
  • Notched sheets for corner protection
  • Top sheets to protect stacked products
  • Protective coverings for heavy equipment

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